Dear Home Buyer, It's Not Monopoly Money

Monday May 28th, 2018


People get hung up on all kinds of things during a real estate transaction. Preconceived notions of good and bad often blind people from the bigger picture, and emotion almost always runs amok. One of the things people get hung up on are seller paid closing cost.  Many buyers mistakenly think the seller must pay their closing cost. This is simply not true. Paying the buyer’s closing cost is the buyer's responsibility. However, your real estate agent may be able to negotiate... [read more]

It's Almost Tax Time - Turn Your Tax Refund Into A Down Payment

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017


I spoke with 2 clients this week and another 2 or so in the week past. They all had the desire to purchase  homes in the immediate future. All were otherwise qualified, but lacked the funds for a down payment. They did not meet the criteria to obtain down payment assistance. Obtaining the funds from their 401K, borrowing against the cash value on an insurance policy, or obtaining a gift from a family member were also not options. During these conversations the potential buyers became... [read more]

Rehab - Renew: How To Buy A Home With A Renovation Loan

Tuesday Oct 10th, 2017


  Welcome to Mortgage Mondays.   A couple of weeks ago I posted that you could ask me me mortgage questions and I would write a post to answer your question. Although I know there has to be many people out there with questions only one person responded to the post with a question. Here’s what she asked as well as my answer and a ton of information on the topic. The Question I have found a house, but it needs some repairs and the seller won’t be doing any... [read more]

Don't Put The Car Before The House

Wednesday Sep 27th, 2017


That new car or almost new car smell is intoxicating. So intoxicating that you may forget to smell the roses.   While a car salesman may tell you they can get you approved for that new or slightly new luxury car. At no time will you see a disclosure or receive a word of caution that financing that car could hurt your future chances for buying a home. At no time will anyone tell you that it's possible you could be stuck for  for the several years building wealth for your... [read more]

6 Low Down Payment Home Loan Options

Monday Sep 25th, 2017


Happy Mortgage Monday.   If you're tired of renting and would like to buy a home to start building wealth for you and your family. But you’ve found saving for a down payment to be an obstacle. Keep reading this article is for you.   YOU DO NOT NEED A 20% DOWN PAYMENT   You don’t need a huge down payment to get a mortgage. Nor do you need a very high income or credit score. There are many low down payment home loan programs out there that make... [read more]


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