Why The Blisss Life Agency

Because Your Brokerage Should Help You Grow

Explore how you can grow professionally, financially and personally. Discover a Blisss Life. As a mortgage and real estate brokerage The Blisss Life Agency provides lead generation, transaction management and coaching services that allow our agents to enjoy the freedom to gain more clients, close more deals, make more money or spend more time with family.

More Growth

When you’re taking advantage of the the training, marketing, and coaching resources we provide you’re sure to see your business grow by leaps and bounds. Leverage the power of our team, technology and proven systems to explode your personal and professional growth.

More You

Real estate is a relationship business. Clients choose agents not logos. We help you be successful at building those relationships because we understand that our success is dependent upon your success.

Services Provided To Agents

Lead Generation * Technology * Coaching

Work with an independent brokerage that is focused on your goals and your professional growth. We don’t take huge commission splits to sustain our brand’s advertising, company office, franchise fees and other overhead. When you work with The Blisss Life Agency, you’ll find the emphasis is on growing your business, generating leads, training you to convert them, and supporting you with technology, systems, and processes so that you can build both your business and personal financial picture.

Lead Generation

Unlike some brokerages that take in agents with big promises, then do nothing to help those agents get clients. Due to our Mortgage Broker status we provide our agents with more than just leads, we provide qualified buyers and sellers! We invest heavily in creating new opportunities for our agents...especially for the agents just getting started.

Transaction Coordination

Transaction Coordination is built in for our agents! You'll have the support you need throughout the transaction so that you can focus on client service and your next deal rather than tedious task. That kind of team support makes you shine to your clients, and ensures you never have to go it alone.

Agent Branding

We provide our agents with business cards, yard signs, lockboxes, and agent websites. We coach them through the process of leveraging social media and other venues to ensure their name and business is being promoted.


Technology is critical to being a successful agent these days...and we ensure our agents have the best tools and technology to have a competitive advantage over others. We utilize online paperless management and customer relationship systems. This includes transaction technology, content marketing tools and marketing support.

Virtual/Hybrid Office

All the tools and support we provide to our agents can be delivered to them anywhere. We love getting together, but we don’t require in-office meetings on a regular basis. The majority of meetings, training and support can be performed from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose. There is office space available if needed to meet with clients.


Whether you’ve been an agent for 10 years or 10 days...education, training,and practice will ensure you provide the highest level of service to your clients. We don’t want agents...we want great agents. You will never grow stagnant with our one-on-one coaching and online training programs.

To apply:

Email to careers@blisssliferealty.com with the following:

  • Your resume attached as a PDF.
  • In the body of your email, please write a paragraph as to why you think we should hire you as a listing/buyer specialist with The Blisss Life Agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Blisss Life Agency and Not A Big Name Brand?

We understand there are a lot of brokerages out there. They all offer something different and emphasize one thing over another.

However, at The Blisss Life Agency we are unique in that our brokerage is both a mortgage and real estate brokerage which allows us to provide our clients with a higher level of expertise regarding the overall home buying and selling process. Clients love this. We also leverage our marketing strengths to support our agents goals and assist them to become stronger agents. Two of the most difficult responsibilities for any good real estate agent is Lead Generation and Transaction Coordination.

At The Blisss Life Agency, once onboarding and training is completed, agents are provided leads and qualified client appointments! Once contracts have been signed and accepted, The Blisss Life Agency will oversee the transaction coordination processes to ensure that clients experience a smooth closing.

By equipping each agent with a team to help them with lead generation and transaction coordination services, we believe it will allow agents to spend more time meeting more people, closing more deals, and growing  their business...increasing the likelihood of success.

What locations do you cover?

We currently cover Los Angeles and the Inland Empire in CA as well as the Metro Atlanta area in GA.

How Much Can I Make?

It’s up to you! In Real Estate you get out what you put in. The amount of money you make will depend on how hard you want to work. We are here to help build your business, but YOU will decide on what you want to put in to become successful.

What are the fees associated with being an agent at The Blisss Life Agency?

Our goal is to keep things easy, inexpensive and fair for our agents. The technology, systems and personnel to support our team members is not cheap. Fortunately, we are able to provide these services at a very small investment from each of our agents. We charge the following to our team members:

Recurring Fees (Covers a small portion of the ongoing technology, marketing, personnel, etc): Monthly technology fee: $50. In order to keep monthly cost down we have elected to charge your E&O (Errors and Omission) insurance by transaction. You will pay $30 per sale until you reach $500 (17 sales).

Can I use the company offices?

Yes, of course! Offices, desks, conference rooms, etc are all at your disposal as needed when meeting clients. That said, we don’t require you to be in the office and even encourage the use of our virtual offices by using our technology and tools to make and keep your productive and successful. We can do almost everything online nowadays and clients expect that to make their transactions as easy and stress free as possible.

What technology do you use?

We’ve spent time reviewing and utilizing some of the best products available in our industry…. And that will always be the case at The Blisss Life Agency. Our agents will always be equipped with the tools and systems that will give them an advantage to better serve clients and close more business.

To apply:

Email to careers@blisssliferealty.com with the following:

  • Your resume attached as a PDF.
  • In the body of your email, please write a paragraph as to why you think we should hire you as a listing/buyer specialist with The Blisss Life Agency.

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