Becoming a Wealthy Woman By Overcoming a Poverty Mindset

Friday Nov 24th, 2017


We are who we think we are. You demonstrate a poverty mindset when you view the world through the lens of someone in poverty instead of the wealthy woman you really are. Those who SEE themselves as wealthy and prosperous without a shadow of a doubt BEFORE it happens, are almost guaranteed to experience it in reality.


Symptoms of a poverty mindset


  1. Spend a vast majority of your time focusing on entertainment and entertainers lives.

  2. Spend an excessive amount of time on social media.

  3. You think you will get rich by winning the lottery.

  4. You have all the latest trends and love to shop.

  5. You don’t invest in yourself.

  6. You believe working for someone else will make you rich.

  7. You engage in debilitating thoughts i.e. “I work so hard and I still can’t get ahead”, “I can’t afford a vacation”, “You don’t understand the struggle”


Ways to overcome a poverty mindset are:


  1. Be thankful for what you already have.

  2. Change your environment

  3. Be committed to change


  5. Listen More


Developing  a Wealthy Mindset


A wealthy mindest emcompasses an attitude that focuses on abundance.


Wealthy  People Habits


  1. Live Within their means

  2. Don’t  gamble

  3. Read every day

  4. Don’t watch much television.

  5. Wealthy people work harder

  6. Don’t give up

  7. Pursue personal development/Invest in themselves

  8. Think outside the box

  9. Are often entrepreneurs

  10. Pay themselves first

  11. Plan

  12. Invest


Creating Psychological Change


In general, people with a poverty mindset, have a habit of buying only depreciating assets. Instead of investing in real estate, they buy new cars. Instead of investing in mutual funds, they go to the casino. Instead of using windfall monies to increase their net worth by paying off debt or investing, they use the money to go on vacation. None of the above-mentioned things are bad in and of themselves, but a habit of buying depreciating assets as opposed to appreciating assets will surely diminish any chance of building sustainable wealth. On the other hand if our money is managed wisely we can do all these things as well as build wealth.


For many African Americans there have been specific lifestyle patterns that taught us to survive but, not thrive. All the positive thinking in the world won’t get us where we need to be financially. We need to learn, plan, and take consistent action. We also need to share the information. As we want to change our community along with ourselves.


Bottom Line: “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”


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