Scheduling annual health checks with your doctor is critical to your overall health. Preventive healthcare, including screenings, exams, tests and immunizations can help identify early health problems before they become serious or chronic problems that plague you for years to come.

The same is true for routine mortgage reviews.

Annual mortgage reviews help you maintain healthy finances. Whether you’re looking to pay off your loan faster, are planning a home remodel, are looking for cash to fund your child’s college education or want to put away more for retirement, a mortgage review is a great way to find out if your current mortgage is meeting your needs and helping you achieve your financial goals.

An annual mortgage review can identify whether you can:

•Lower your interest rate

•Reduce your monthly payments

•Shorten the length of your loan term

•Eliminate private mortgage insurance (PMI)

•Whether or not your mortgage could be adjusted to accommodate your existing financial circumstances, such as a change in income or living expenses.

•Use your existing home equity for renovations or cash to use however you want

•Qualify to purchase a second home or investment property.

Best of all you may be able to accomplish any scenario with no upfront or out of pocket cost.

Let's get you scheduled for your annual mortgage review:

Annual Mortgage Review


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